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  • Bye Bra
    The unique 3M quality tape, which is used in hospitals, is unlike any counterfeit product. It is dermatologically safe, hypoallergenic and creates a perfect strapless lift. The Bye Bra tape keeps the breasts in place, while allowing the wearer to move freely and containing any excessive natural movement of the breasts. The Bye Bra lifts come with silicone nipple covers, as well as with silk nipple covers. You are probably wondering why we offer two types of nipple covers. It is because every breast is different. Every woman is unique. The silk nipple covers are lighter and not reusable. They are thinner than the silicone ones and are either 6cm in diameter for the standard version, or 8cm for the XL version. Our silicone nipple covers are 8cm, thicker and reusable. The choice is yours! Please see the product page to learn more about their differences. If you have any questions you can always contact us via email or via our online chat platform. If you would like to see how to properly apply the Bye Bra, please refer to the instruction videos, available on our website. BYE BRA DRESS TAPE Bye Bra also offers dress tape, also known as fashion tape, or non-exposure tape. The dress tape is sometimes necessary, because some dresses can still expose parts of your bra, or too much skin, while moving. It is designed to prevent unwanted displays of skin underneath blouses or other more revealing garments when you twist, or bend over, like the occassional „nipple slip“. The Bye Bra fashion tapes boost your confidence even while wearing your most revealing outfits! The fashion tapes are also used to fix clothes in place. The strips are easy to apply to the inside of a garment and after the protective layers are removed, the strips can be applied to both, the skin and the clothing. The Bye Bra dress tape is also made from a 3M medical-grade adhesive. The tapes are 23 mm by 82mm (1 inch by 3.3 inches). They are both wider and longer than the average fashion tape. This is handy because dress tape must stay on all night long and most dress tapes are too thin to be able to do so.
  • Trasparenze
    The Trasparenze brand. Sexy, sophisticated. Trasparenze is a famous Italian manufacturer of hosiery. This brand offers sexy but elegant designs, recalling the cabaret spirit.
  • Twin-Set
    Two words, a harmonious combination, a winning binomial. In the name of its brand Twin-Set reveals its origins, its present and its future paths. Starting from the transverse spirit of this iconic garment, a union of a cardigan and its sweater, a marriage between feminine fascination and self-assured elegance, discreet seduction and sartorial knowhow, but also ambassador of a territory that has made quality and excellence its cardinal virtues. And then a versatile company with a strong identity imbued with creativity, research, insight, entrepreneurial spirit, two driving forces and unanimous passion. That’s right, because right from the start Simona Barbieri and Tiziano Sgarbi managed to transmit a harmony that drives the production lines, the same one that can be felt in the corridors of the company and can be perceived in the daily actions of its staff’s every activity. And this may well be the secret of a success that cares little for its motivations but is aware of how, to be successful, it is necessary to focus on everything that lies behind each garment, but is invisible to the naked eye: commitment, shared values, passion, and above all, an expression of everyone’s personal talents which, like the thousand strands that go to create knitwear, is a vital part of important work. Not only do those who work in the company love to express themselves in concrete terms they also love the product and wear it showing a style that is complete, romantic and with a character that can vary according to each person’s unique and inimitable personality. It is this harmony that the consumer feels when she enters the shop, it is this style that she wears in daily life and for important occasions. It is an image that has become established yet continues to evolve over time: increasingly total, modern, abounding in inspiration and projected into the world.
  • Uzurii

    BRAZILIAN DREAM BECOMES REALITY Looking back at the years that passed, Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos would have never believed that all her dreams would actually come true. Until she was five years old, Shieglee was raised in the Amazon rain forest. She then moved with her mother, sister and grandma to the slums of Rio de Janeiro. The new world was totally unfamiliar to her. For the first time in her life, she encountered simple things like water from the tap and her first pair of flip flops. Shieglee: ‘Because clothing and footwear were handed down from one child to another, I decorated them with everything I could find on the street just to make them a bit nicer.’’ During her childhood, Shieglee had three dreams that she clung to unrelentingly: to spend a night in the hotel where her mother worked as a cleaner, to dance as a Samba Queen on a float during the greatest carnival on earth, and to own her own pair of shoes. When she was 13 years old and moved with her mother to the Netherlands, her dreams got closer to realisation. Determined and ambitious, she obtained her high school diploma in the pre-university track and raced through various fashion courses. Years later, when she met her husband and started to build her life with him, her childhood dreams and memories somewhat faded. Until 6 years ago, when Shieglee and her husband were strolling through the market in Rio de Janeiro and she started to relate the stories of her youth. Her dreams became more alive than ever! “In the market I came across a woman behind a stand selling flip flops that she decorated herself. I stood there glued to the ground and saw my entire childhood on that table. It was as if I was seeing myself as a child, plucked from the jungle, sitting with a needle and thread making my worn-out flip flops nicer.” That evening she began writing her business plan for designing flip flops in the Netherlands. The next day Uzurri was born! In 2011, Uzurii Luxury Footwear was officially launched and made its way into the world of high fashion. This did not go without a struggle. All the designs were made by hand and demanded a special technique. For more than a year, Shieglee flew all over the world to train more than 100 women. These women do not work in a studio, but from home. That way, they can work in their own environment and also take care of their children. Shieglee: “This works flawlessly; we have never had any problems and each pair of Uzurii that we receive is pure craftsmanship.” Nowadays, the luxury footwear is sold in the higher segment of shoes and fashion stores in more than 1,400 stores spread over 46 countries. Uzurii is also sold in several well-known department stores such as Bijenkorf, Galeria Inno, Prange and Lane Crawford. Every year the collection is expanded with a higher segment of Uzuriis and a wider collection of bags. Shieglee: “For the spring/summer 2017 collection, I have designed an exclusive model using 14 metres of 18k gold thread. I have produced this design manually at a cost of €300,000.” The models in the collection start at €60.00 and become more expensive for the more exclusive ones. Shieglee is immensely grateful that she has been able to realise her childhood dreams, but that does not stop her from dreaming on. “I want to expand even further worldwide and to see Uzurii back on the streets!” n 2016 Uzurii Luxury Footwear introduced a new label - Uzurii Sport! The new label is a fusion of the Rough Line, Urban Line and Basic Line. A more casual line, yet just as luxurious and accessible for a large target group. Uzurii Sport is developed for trendy and fashion-minded men and women who would prefer to wear their Uzuriis at casual and/or sporty occasions. All the Uzurii Sport models are presented in transparent packaging. To match the packaging, we have developed special display material. Presentation is an important part of Uzurii, so also for this line we have devoted a great deal of thought to an innovative and appropriate presentation.

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