Viktor&Rolf & Aubade Bow Collection - Soir
This season, Aubade, the famous French lingerie company, joins Viktor & Rolf's avant-garde fashion artists to create an exceptional capsule collection. Discover the two colors of the exclusive collaboration: an intense and feminine pink emblematic of Viktor & Rolf, and a chic and deep black.

Viktor&Rolf & Aubade Bow Collection - Soir 

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  • 114,90 €

    Aubade presents the Viktor & Rolf X capsule collection The Corbeille Coque Confort bra pushes to the height of seduction. Velvety black and bold, it curves the chest in a generous bulge that is adorned with the little knot, iconic motif very couture. Embroidered on a transparent tulle, the drawing veil and unveils the chest for a stunning effect. •...

    114,90 €
  • 105,30 €

    The new Viktor & Rolf X Aubade capsule collection. Nothing more seductive than the Bra Trash ... a plunging neckline in the heart of a case of chic and sensuality. This set of velvety black draws on the skin the iconic knots of Haute Couture. On the neckline, the pattern is outlined in a unique laser cut embroidery for a modern and sophisticated...

    105,30 €
  • 114,90 €

    The new Viktor & Rolf X Aubade capsule collection. A comfort version of the Trash Bra, this model offers generous breasts the charm of the plunging necklines. In this unique collection, the soft multi-strand tulle is adorned with a couture pattern made of small knots emblematic of the brand. It is found in the belly and bottom of the straps, in a...

    114,90 €
  • 86,15 €

    A unique capsule collection or Aubade in partnership with Viktor & Rolf X revisit the Triangle bra in a very fashionable way. Without frame, it is worn with lightness in a deep black color and glamorous. The small laser-cut nodes are delicately detached from the lace to decorate the skin. In the back and the breast, they are reborn in a shimmery satin...

    86,15 €
  • 110,00 €

    When Aubade associates with VIKTOR & ROLF, this reveals a very couture style with the Triangle Plunge bra. Until the F cup, it is suitable for voluptuous breasts, for a chic and modern black color. The straps widen on a transparent tulle where are deposited elegant small embroidered knots. Made of satin at the breast, the knots enhance this very...

    110,00 €
  • 56,50 €

    New Viktor & Rolf X capsule collection by Aubade The Viktor & Rolf X Aubade tanga reveals a deep black color and intensely seductive. Very indented at the back, the tulle is deposited in transparency on the skin. At the front, small knots, emblematic pattern of the claw, come to dress the hips of a modern and sexy style. • Embroidered ribbon...

    56,50 €
  • 75,60 €

    A successful collection of Viktor & Rolf X Aubade.The Saint-Tropez panty model fits brilliantly with the exclusive Viktor & Rolf X Aubade line. Velvety black, the straight lines of the model bring to the silhouette a very modern worn, where knots cut on the skin increase the elegance. Very graphic, this piece seduces by its chic and its...

    75,60 €
  • 62,20 €

    Crazily seductive, the Brazilian panties Viktor & Rolf X Aubade plays the card of charm and daring. In a pulsating pink of femininity, the small knots are cut on the skin in a very modern refinement. The height of chic, the motifs vanish at the back and give way to a transparent tulle that maliciously discovers the curvature of the buttocks.•...

    62,20 €
  • 190,45 €

    The Bow Collection lingerie short sleeve top from Aubade.We love: this real ready-to-wear couture piece.We are pleased to present the bold collection created by designer duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren for Aubade.The characteristics of the line consist of laser cut nodes and delicate dots.The embroidery from the collection The Bow...

    190,45 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items