Nightwear for men
nightwear- pajamas for men as well as bathrobes, liquette and homewear outfits for a modern and comfortable style cocooning.

Nightwear for men 

  • Hanro of Switzerland
  • HOM
  • Marjolaine
    The Lyonnaise Marjolaine lingerie brand offers a wide choice of high-end lingerie thanks to its know-how. It endeavors to reconcile the oldest manufacturing techniques, for so-called classic products, with the most recent manufacturing techniques for products requiring rapid production. In addition, creator of French lingerie, the work of Calais lace remains a major asset for the company. The inlay of the latter is a real art where each piece is cut and laid by hand. Lingerie marked by recognized expertise.
  • Ringella (H)
  • Taubert