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Fond de robe 

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  • 86,30 €
    Private S

    A perfect silhouette thanks to the Vision Wacoal sheathing dress.Slight and airy, stretch tulle in 2 directions on the front to fit perfectly all the movements of the body of the woman. The front seamless smooth over the entire length sheath silhouette perfectly.

    86,30 €
  • 47,00 €
    Private S

    Wacoal in the collection Vision offers the slip-skirt shaping, light and airy the stretch tulle in 2 directions to fit perfectly every movement corp women. The skirt also has the integrated slip contributes to the curvature of the silhouette without leaving unsightly marks. A must for the wardrobe of women.

    47,00 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items