• David
    Superior Italian style

    The Italian designer swimwear brand David is famous for their top quality, technical expertise, and excellence in creative design.

    Their swimsuits are for modern men who want to feel stylish yet comfortable, sophisticated yet sexy, and who seek luxury products at affordable prices.

  • HOM
  • Johnny Brasco
    The Johnny Brasco brand was born from the need to contextualize a new line of clothing with a clear American imprint. Suits and accessories with a strong masculine character that include a wide range of garments that range from the summer collection with swimwear (briefs, boxers and parigrapas), polo shirts, t-shirts and accessories (shoulder bags, beach towels and slippers) designed for man and child, up to the winter collection that includes men's total look garments. The quality of the materials and the refined manufacturing, rigorously made in Italy, projects Johnny Brasco onto the market with 4 different collections that are subdivided by distinctive characteristics that distinguish the clothing lines.
  • Timonier
    Made in Italy. Swimsuits, tee shirts and underwears specialized for men. Founded in July 1984 by Francesco Giorgio, Timonier knows how to react to high standard quality products in terms of underwear for men in Italy. Timonier began only selling men underwears. Thanks to the materials used the success appeared immediately. M. Head, founder of the brand decided to enlarge the range of product with Loungewear and Beachwear and Swimwear for men. Timonier became a reknown brand in Italy and Europe. Even though financial crisis appeared, Timonier keeps its production in Italy, the quality value is important for the Italian brand that doesn’t want to remote market. Thanks to the brand ethic and vision, we can consider Timonier as one of the beautifulest brand for men producing cosy, casual, elegant clothes made according to highest quality standard and first of all 100% made in Italy.
  • Zeybra Portofino
    Luxury brand created and made in Italy. ZEYBRA is considered as one of the leader brand in the swimwear industry for men. Absolutely « Made in Italy » ZEYBRA aims to look elegant, original and funny in order to be different and innovative concerning materials quality as well as the way of manufacturing the product. As a DNA, ZEYBRA shares some brand values among sophistication, dynamism and simultaneity. ZEYBRA proposes swimming trunks, swimsuits, bermuda shorts, towels, tee shirt, polos, shorts for men and kids. This is the fun idea of Daddy and his son wearing the same clothes at the beach. Concerning the target audience of ZEYBRA, there is no age range defined because the consumer is fashion interested and chooses that brand thanks to its novelty, singularity and first of all, idea.
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