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Wear & Underwear 

  • Alpina Ghiro
    Alpina Ghiro
  • Hanro of Switzerland
    For over 130 years, HANRO has crafted the world’s finest lingerie, nightwear and loungewear. Ever since its foundation in 1884 in Switzerland, HANRO has stood for understated luxury, natural elegance, and high-end garments which are pure pleasure to wear. Decades of tradition combined with technical innovations and contemporary design are what make HANRO such a distinctive brand. Our products employ premium natural fabrics, state-of-the-art knitting technologies, and detail-loving design. The end result is intimate apparel that is incredibly luxurious, unbelievably comfortable, and amazingly long-lasting, serving sophisticated women and men all over the world. Quality that you can feel on skin!
  • HOM
  • Oscalito
  • Zeybra
    Luxury brand created and made in Italy. ZEYBRA is considered as one of the leader brand in the swimwear industry for men. Absolutely « Made in Italy » ZEYBRA aims to look elegant, original and funny in order to be different and innovative concerning materials quality as well as the way of manufacturing the product. As a DNA, ZEYBRA shares some brand values among sophistication, dynamism and simultaneity. ZEYBRA proposes swimming trunks, swimsuits, bermuda shorts, towels, tee shirt, polos, shorts for men and kids. This is the fun idea of Daddy and his son wearing the same clothes at the beach. Concerning the target audience of ZEYBRA, there is no age range defined because the consumer is fashion interested and chooses that brand thanks to its novelty, singularity and first of all, idea.