Set of 2 Pairs Flexible Halter Straps 3 Hooks Bye Bra 999556

Bye Bra offers the new generation of halter straps, with flexible ends to fit all 3-hook bras. (Click here for the 2-hook bra option). Backless straps are a bare-back bra that lowers your lower back bra so you do not see it.

Many different brands of lingerie offer different types of hooks, more or less spaced, to which the backless straps do not always adapt. Some use a 38mm space, while others use 58mm. With the flexible ends of these innovative accessories, you'll be sure that your halter will fit, no matter the space between the hooks. The soft material of which they are made guarantees a silky touch on the skin, improving comfort while wearing, while their flexible ends make them easier to attach to any bra.

9,99 €