Panty, Basic Schapewear, Chantelle C35070

A short range that meets a universal feminine need: REFINE the silhouette in all invisibility. A simple, functional style, close to our invisibles with a touch of femininity brought by a two-tone finish at the waist.
A panty that goes up under the chest and goes down to mid-thighs.
A construction produced with many zones of reinforcement studied to reshape the silhouette.
A silicone band at the waist to hold the panty in place, throughout the day.
Consumer benefits:
For women who seek to refine their overall silhouette, to re-proportion.
Ideal under a dress or a set molding, or more daily pants.
Product Actions:
Overall, reduces and smooth the beads from the underside of the chest to mid-thighs.
1. flatten the belly.
2. refines the waist (without compressing the abdomen).
3. fades the love handles and the saddlebags.
4. Firms the buttocks.
5. Shape the thighs (inside and outside).


outer mesh 76% POLYAMIDE 24% ELASTANE
mesh bottom 100% COTTON

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