Jacket and Pants, Relax, Hanro, 075850/52-0019

French Terry Men's Athletic Viscose Jacket
Slightly asymmetrical sewing guide
Wrists on arms, base and V-neck
very soft and comfortable to wear
95% viscose, 5% elastane
RELAX are models for hours of relaxation at home, as well as stylish and casual looks for weekend outings, vacations or light sportswear. The particularly comfortable leisure styles are pleasantly light, extremely soft and comfortable to wear.
Long leisure trousers made of particularly soft, light viscose elastane quality
Discreet shine and therefore not too sporty
Functional properties: breathable, quick-drying, very elastic
Cool and light to the touch
Comfortable waistband with tie ribbon
For relaxed summer days at home or outdoors: RELAX is a particularly comfortable casual wear made of a light, extremely soft viscose quality. The ideal loungewear for the weekend, for the holidays or as sportswear combined for jogging in the park. The natural viscose fibers provide the best properties of quality used, such as high breathability, dries quickly, is very elastic and cool and light to the touch.

228,00 €