Micro Briefs Swimsuit, Papagayo, Hom 401257-00BI

Micro briefs swimsuit, "Papagayo" line by Hom.

This micro swim brief with trendy print and tropical inspirations of multicolored parrots on a blue background is fully lined with a 100% polyamide elastane soft foam fabric. It benefits from a micro shape, slightly shorter on the hips than for the mini swim brief, which frees up the leg more.
The thin belt is covered with the fabric of the swimsuit. It closes with a flat drawstring on the front inside. A small H-shaped metal plate is sewn to the waistband with a small ribbon.

Polyamide is a material particularly suitable for swimsuits: it dries quickly and does not retain moisture, fixes the colors and does not fade. It is a very strong and durable material, but also flexible and resistant to friction. Elastane brings to this bathing shorty elasticity and comfort.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Lining: 100% polyamide.

Color: Blue Print.

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