Soleil Nocturne - Gala
La nouvelle ligne "Soleil Nocturne" révèle la femme telle un soleil dans la nuit, aux charmes parés de broderies et de dentelles luxueuses. Drapée de noir ou de rouge gala, elle s’abandonne à l’amant dans les parures les plus sensuelles. Avec ses bijoux scintillants, la guipure s’illumine délicatement.

Soleil Nocturne - Gala 

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  • 105,30 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection triangle bra from Aubade.In the front, the richly embroidered fabric opens to the inside of the breast in a very sexy effect. In the back, the back is adorned in the middle of a mesmerizing lace triangle. - Embroidered braid on tulle and lace (in laser cutting technique) - Fancy embroidered band - Lace trim -...

    105,30 €
  • 134,00 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection comfort underwired bra from Aubade.Faithful allies of the most generous breasts, this bra promises to women ease and pleasure. Like a nocturnal sun, the chest is offered in a soft luster that fuels desire. A perfect fit model. - Embroidered braid on tulle and lace (in laser cutting technique) - Fancy embroidered...

    134,00 €
  • 124,40 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection demi bra from Aubade.This bra dares a push-up for a very glamorous look. The vertical seams are adorned with precious lace, completed with sparkling details in which the breasts are projected into a surge of sensuality that dazzles in the heart of the night. - Embroidered braid on tulle and lace (in laser...

    124,40 €
  • 134,00 €

    "Soleil Nocturne"  collection confort demi bra from Aubade.This model for generous breasts is adorned with an unparalleled elegance in the line "Soleil Nocturne". Absolute black on a discreetly pink tulle, the delicate laces combine with sumptuous embroidery, to which are added a thousand sparkling details to the Swarovski jewel in...

    134,00 €
  • 134,00 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection plunge pad bra from Aubade.For a dive in the heart of desire, the line "Soleil Nocturne" revisits the push-up bra, whose removable pads offer volume to discrete breasts. For the most voluptuous, he dresses the neckline of a very elegant crown. The mesmerizing lace is adorned with romantic drawings with delicate luminous...

    134,00 €
  • 75,60 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection mini-heart from Aubade.This panties is a unique piece, charming and naughty, she boldly discovers the hips in a minimalist ribbon, which is knotted and unties in endless games of seduction. Its tulle background sublimates the skin of a passionate veil. - Embroidered braid on tulle and lace (in laser cutting...

    75,60 €
  • 66,00 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection tanga from Aubade.This inescapable tanga invites itself into the collection "Soleil Nocturne" in a caress of lace on the hips. Invisible under clothing, it reveals itself in the heart of intimacy. With its delicate tulle background, embroidery plays with games of transparency on the skin. - Embroidered braid on tulle and...

    66,00 €
  • 81,35 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection shorty from Aubade.Glamorous piece par excellence, this shorty leads to passion. Wider on the hips and released on the buttocks, it dresses the hollow of a loins of a modern and seductive. The laces intersect and end on a tulle with a sexy effect of transparency. - Embroidered braid on tulle and lace (in laser cutting...

    81,35 €
  • 190,45 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection garter belt from Aubade.The lace protects the breasts of arabesques that are based on a very soft tulle. The fabric is indented to make way for a luxurious lacing to the bottom of the belly. - Embroidered braid on tulle and lace (in laser cutting technique) - Fancy embroidered band - Lace trim - Fantasy picot - Satin...

    190,45 €
  • 85,20 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection garter belt from Aubade.This garter belt is one of the most sumptuous pieces of the line "Soleil Nocturne". Ardent and passionate, he girdles the hips in a double lacing surrounded by precious lace. The embroidered stripes wear the four adjustable suspenders for a perfect comfort and a confirmed sensuality. -...

    85,20 €
  • 44,00 €

    "Soleil Nocturne" collection stay-up stockings from Aubade.Final piece of the line "Soleil Nocturne", these stockings are attached to garter belts for a chic and ultra sexy effect. The curve of the leg is sublimated by this transparent and obscure veil with a fine touch, delicate lace finishes, promise of sensual adventures at twilight of...

    44,00 €
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items